Useful information

People who ask us for information regarding the purchase of a Rolex have some very common doubts and queries. Let’s have a look at some of them together and try to clarify any doubts.


Q) Are the list prices of Rolex watches the same in Italy and San Marino?

A) yes, the list price is imposed by “Voile” and is practically the same throughout Europe, there is no difference between Italy and San Marino.

Q) If I purchase my Rolex in San Marino can I save on VAT?

A) Even though taxes are paid in San Marino, the single-phase tax has a different value compared to VAT and it works differently, too. This is why the starting price of the watch is not different to that in Italy.

Q) If I purchase a watch in San Marino will I risk any problems when I cross the border to re-enter Italy?

A) No, when you purchase from the shop you will get a receipt, this way you will be in full compliance with the law, exactly as if you had bought the watch in Italy.

Q) If I purchase in San Marino am I obliged to supply my tax code?

A) By Law in San Marino there is no obligation to register the purchaser for sums below or equal to 15,000 euro, above this sum we are obliged to ask for a personal document.

Q) Is the guarantee of the watch I purchase only valid in San Marino?

A) Absolutely not, Rolex and Tudor guarantees are international. If you have any problems you will be free to go to the nearest authorised dealer and ask for assistance.

Q) Is the watch guarantee Italian?
A) Yes, the guarantee is issued by Rolex Italia S.p.a.