Rolex presents a new edition of the Oyster Perpetual Milgauss with an aesthetic that is as much unique as it is symbolic.

The timepiece combines green sapphire glass, a novelty that was introduced for the first time in watchmaking with the Milgauss model in 2007, with a new watch face of an electric blue, which recalls the characteristic seconds hand in the shape of a lightening bolt and the technical vocation of a practical watch that was designed in the '50s for engineers and scientists.

Seen through the green sapphire glass, the blue Z watch face takes on a magnetic colour that is highly attractive.

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Purchasing a Rolex watch from an authorised dealer means that you are buying a certified product with qualified after sales services. Orologeria del Pianello accepts various methods of payment and offers a trade-in service of second hand Rolex watches.

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