Our history

Since 1998 authorised dealer of certified Rolex watches

Orologeria del Pianello authorised dealer for Rolex

Orologeria del Pianello was founded in 1998 in San Marino. The shop looks out onto piazza della Libertà, an important symbol for San Marino and the seat of the Government, in the heart of the oldest Republic in the world.
Rolex and Tudor authorised dealer, Orologeria del Pianello is specialised in the sale of prestigious luxury watches: classic and sports models with an innovative design.

The shop is an elegant studio where you can treat yourself to a special experience, and where reliability and quality are the primary concerns.
Highly reserved and exclusive, Orologeria del Pianello, is ready to meet every customer's requests. We offer a trade-in service of Rolex watches and the possibility of purchasing with different payment methods. Orologeria del Pianello offers its customers these services and others beside.

Main products

Rivenditore autorizzato Rolex

The advantages of purchasing a Rolex from an authorised dealer

Purchasing a Rolex watch from an authorised dealer means that you are buying a certified product with qualified after sales services. Orologeria del Pianello accepts various methods of payment and offers a trade-in service of second hand Rolex watches.

Discover the advantages

Rivenditore autorizzato Tudor
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