Tax free

Find out how to purchase watches in San Marino while saving thanks to the Tax Free system!

The tax Free system


Make the most of the tax free opportunity to purchase your watch


Thanks to the tax free system you can purchase goods for personal use, in this case watches, and get the VAT of the purchased item refunded, without having to go through Customs, thus getting a discount on the final price of the goods compared to what you would normally pay in your own country. In our case the VAT will be discounted directly at the moment of purchasing.


How to use the tax free system

  • Anyone who has a non Italian passport can have access to the tax free conditions, (Europe and the rest of the world included)
  • You must pay by debit or credit card (Visa or Mastercard) no Amex.
  • The credit card you use to pay with doesn't have to be connected to an Italian bank account.
  • When you purchase from the boutique, you will pay the discounted price directly, without having to ask for a refund at the airport at a later stage.
  • That's all, we will make a copy of the passport and credit card and we will apply for the refund.