Rolex Yacht master II

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The style of the Yacht-Master II

The daring and undisputedly evocative design of the sea world that distinguishes the Yacht-Master II is perfectly inscribed in the spirit of the watches Professional Oyster watches. The large face of the Yacht-Master II, which is easy to read, shows the great care that Rolex puts into every detail.

In regattas, as in every other high speed competition, precision is a fundamental matter. The Yacht-Master II has a mechanical function that is unique in the world with a count-down system that can be programmed from 1 to 10 minutes, which allows you to get synchronised on the specific departure sequence according to the type of regatta.

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Purchasing a Rolex watch from an authorised dealer means that you are buying a certified product with qualified after sales services. Orologeria del Pianello accepts various methods of payment and offers a trade-in service of second hand Rolex watches.

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